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SYNCH is a free, turn-based strategy game. Choose your perfect team of bots to take down the evil boss bot and his floating flunkies!


  • 5 Bot Classes
    • Customize your own team to fit your favorite play style
  • 3 Distinct Boss Bots
    • Strategize on the fly against a randomly-selected boss each playthrough
  • Unique and Interesting Skills
    • Discover how to utilize your team's individual skills to find the most effective combinations

About the Game:

SYNCH is the senior project of three Game Development students from Baylor University. Our goal was to deliver a short, but fun and replayable experience, then submit it to indie game development sites to learn from the actual game industry. Now by this point, you're probably like "Yeah yeah, I don't care about your team's background story, I came here for video games dangit!" So let me get to the best part of this being a student-created project:

SYNCH is completely FREE!

If you enjoy the game, we would certainly appreciate it if you would share it with your friends and leave us feedback! Thanks for downloading SYNCH, and we hope you have fun playing it!


  • Travis Forkner
  • Will Nations
  • Hailee Ammons


  • Amy Li - Robots/Environment: Amy's Portfolio
  • Joseph Dufault - Concept art/Music
  • Kathlyn Ramsey - Concept art
  • Travis Forkner - UI/Robots

Install instructions

  1. Follow the link below to download SYNCH_FIN.zip
  2. Once file is downloaded, extract files to desired location on computer
  3. Open extracted folder and double-click SYNCH to play game


SYNCH_FIN.zip 401 MB

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