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Grand Energy Core Assault (G.E.C.A.) is a free, twin-stick shooter with wave-based core defense. The last remaining grand energy core is located in a crater and you have been tasked with defending it from the 10 waves of hostile forces seeking to take the core's energy for themselves.

In addition to wielding any two weapons yourself, you have been provided with the ability to call in one ally to help defend an area for you. It can be re-positioned by calling it in again. New weapons are available by killing enemies and one is guaranteed to drop at the end of each wave. Stronger weapons are required to clear the tougher waves, as enemy numbers increase and tougher units appear.


  • 10 waves of enemies
  • 13 guns separated into 3 tiers of weapon quality
  • 5 unique enemy types including a boss
  • Mouse + keyboard and controller support

About the Game:

G.E.C.A. is a game sponsored by Baylor University with the goal of delivering a short, fun, re-playable experience.

If you enjoy the game, we would certainly appreciate it if you would share it with your friends and leave us feedback! Thanks for downloading G.E.C.A. and we hope you have fun playing it!

Install instructions


Both the 32 and 64 bit versions can be downloaded as .zip files to be extracted and played.


The OS X version can be downloaded as a disk image with the .dmg extension that can be mounted and installed.


Windows - 64 bit
Windows - 32 bit

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